Seed Germination Issues Peanut Notes No. 64 2019

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Question: Will you please look at the communication below and advice. I will send with the next email some pictures. Basically 100% non-germination. I suspect chemical residue and I believe it was cotton that peanut followed last year. I also link possibly “more dormancy” of the certified seed. Also, we are seeing low germination of the peanut following cotton in our fields for 3-4 years now. Are new chemistries in cotton weed control? If not, what else?

Jordan answer: So much cotton is planted prior to peanut I think we would be having more issues in farmer fields given farmers are adopting the new technologies. We are planting behind cotton in some of our trials and stands are good. Carryover residues often affect plants after they emerge and begin to grow. It generally takes a period of time before the threshold of residue is absorbed to impact plant growth. This is certainly not the case for all pesticides but I think this is generally the case. I can look at the list of materials used but I don’t think this is an issue. Seems like one of the populations emerged. If it is a smaller seeded variety that makes sense. At Lewiston, we planted Spanish, Valencia, Runners, and Virginias, and the smaller-seeded ones came right up. Others are coming up more slowly. I had 4 runners from 2018, stored in freezer and planted last week. I do not think they are going to make a stand but too early to tell. The Virginia and large-seeded runners had marginal moisture and are slowly coming up. Back to chemicals in preceding crop. There could be differences among genotypes but I still think injury is manifested after emergence.

Note: this continues to be explored to see what the cause of the stand failure is.