Thrips Update Peanut Notes No. 60 2019

— Written By NC State Extension

Thrips Update:  May 23, 2019
Rick Brandenburg
Extension Entomology Specialist

For the most part, growing conditions following peanut planting have been good. This has two very beneficial impacts on peanuts and thrips damage. First, it gets the plant up and rolling and this helps reduce the stunting effect of the thrips feeding. Second (and equally important) is that the good soil moisture at planting and warm temperatures permit great update of the in-furrow insecticide and results in excellent. So, in the fields we have inspected this week, thrips damage looks minimal and TSWV has not emerged as a problem. Once we get into June, the threat from serious stunting due to thrips begins to decline. We are off to a good start from an insect point of view and that is half the battle. I am sure there are a few locations that have been hit hard, but overall it’s a good year. Do I still think the post application of acephate will offer a benefit? Yes, but less than in a bad thrips year with poor growing conditions.