Estimate of Yield Loss in NC June Plantings Peanut Notes No. 103 2019

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Recently I have had additional questions about yield potential of peanuts planted in June compared with planting during the normal window (May). While yield can vary and peanut can compensate quite well when planted late if given the right circumstances, peanut yield (four years with the older varieties CHAMPS and Perry) was 15% lower when peanut was planted around June 8 compared with plantings in May. More recently with the variety Bailey, yield when peanut was planted in mid-June after wheat harvest was 33% lower than yield when peanut was planted in May (five years of research.)  More detail on the source of these calculations can be found in Peanut Notes No. 59 2019. These trials were conducted at Lewiston-Woodville. Regardless of planting data peanuts were dug as close to optimum maturity as possible based on pod mesocarp color.