Herbicides and Variation in Peanut Size Peanut Notes No. 88 2019

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Many fields have sporadic peanut emergence, especially those planted in mid to late-May when moisture was limiting. Plant size can matter when considering the tolerance of herbicides, so it becomes important to determine what size is the most prevalent across the field. PPO-inhibiting herbicides (Ultra Blazer, Cobra, and Storm) can be applied to relatively small peanuts without a major issue, but I generally recommend these after 3 weeks or so. I would rely on Gramoxone SL plus Basagran (other paraquat formulations are available) for the earlier applications. If I have a significant amount of small peanuts along with the older peanuts, the one herbicide I would avoid with the first spray is 2,4-DB. I would not apply 2,4-DB with paraquat.