Nitrogen Application on Yellow Peanuts Peanut Notes No. 105 2019

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Question 1:

Peanuts are looking a little yellow, I assume from the excess rain. Are they going to grow out of it, or do I need to apply some N? Can I get by with some foliar N or do I need to go with granular? Any specific recommendations?

Jordan response:

Do the peanuts have pretty good nodulation and are they growing rapidly?

Question 2:

I haven’t looked at nodulation. They aren’t really growing that fast. Worst spots are heaver ground/where water has stood, so I think it is waterlogged soils. That would affect nodulation wouldn’t it? Or at least N production.

Jordan answer:

Yes, water logged soils can affect nodulation and overall growth (as you already know.)  In my experience in those spots N fixation will kick in gear when soils dry. Also, the root system is struggling in wet spots of the field and an application of N would not help that much because the roots would not take up much of it because they are active (this is a dry product like ammonium sulfate.)  I have not observed value from foliar applications of N. I think to get enough to make a difference requires an amount that could burn foliage. To me it is a bit like seeing herbicide injury. It looks tough initially but as the plant gets going and grows out of the injury everything recovers well. As soils dry N fixation will get going again and the plants will recover. I think the plants just need the soil to dry and they will improve in color (green) and growth.

My research plots are 1 to 2 hours from Raleigh and that keeps me from looking twice a day or more and on weekends. I would stress out if I looked that much because things would keep looking the same. I know you are going to look and think about those peanuts every day, but I do think they will get better as soil conditions improve in the low spots. And, I don’t think we can add anything to really compensate for the low spots and wet soil. Once soils dry of the discoloration persists then an application of ammonium sulfate might be warranted. But in my experience when soils in those type of spots dry the plants take off. Hope this helps.