Southern Corn Rootworm Peanut Notes No. 91 2019

— Written By NC State Extension

Now is the time to consider whether or not Lorsban is needed for southern corn rootworm. One way to help you make this decision is to use the Southern Corn Rootworm Index that Rick and other entomologist developed. See pages 97 and 98 in 2019 Peanut Information for more detail. Weather patterns are unpredictable these days. Ten days ago it looked like we were in for a dry year and we were worried about spider mites (and that can still happen.)  While we are often “ten days away from a drought in North Carolina no matter how wet it is” (not sure who I am paraphrasing here but this is not original with me), right now soils have adequate moisture in most places. Rootworms are most active if soils have adequate moisture for their survival.