Thrips Control in Mid-June Peanut Notes No. 97 2019

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Question on Thrips Control on June 16:

Is it too late to treat for thrips? I used imidacloprid IF at planting (7-8 May) and had good control for the first 4-5 weeks. I noticed severe thrips damage about a week ago. I couldn’t find any thrips present and it was too wet to spray anyway. I still can’t find any thrips, but the peanuts haven’t outgrown the damage. Emery is the worst, but Baileys and Gregory also have severe damage. I would say 50-75% damage in spots. Is it too late to treat? Are they going to outgrow the damage with this hot weather?

Jordan answer:

With the moist conditions I don’t see a drawback to applying acephate now but you are likely treating the injury symptoms only and not the actual insect. For peanuts that old I am not sure if you will gain from an application. Does the new, emerging foliage show any signs of thrips feeding? If not, I think the thrips population has crashed and spraying would have little value.

Brandenburg answer:

I agree 100% with David