Weed Control With POST Herbicides Peanut Notes No. 100 2019

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Weed Control Question:

Either you have told me or someone has recently that you are not a fan of Storm mixed with Gramoxone anymore. Is that correct?

Jordan answer:

Yes. I think it is hotter than Gramoxone plus Basagran, most especially when mixed with residual herbicides. I also like to save the PPO inhibitor for the next 2 POST sprays we often make. I like Gramoxone about 2-3 weeks after planting for best results. There is a lot of season left. But it is used a lot down south and is really good on weeds. I just seem to have smaller peanuts after I spray it with residuals. And most folks are spraying residuals. At 1 pint (acifluorfen or Ultra Blazer part of Storm) it is generally a sub-lethal rate and could possibly push us more quickly to PPO resistance. But it is labeled. Also, I have never been a fan of that mix.


So, Gramoxone + Basagran + Zidua you like? And maybe the Zidua, if activated with rain in time, could cut out one of those post sprays?

Jordan answer:

Yes, that is possible. Several residuals can be used but Zidua is a good one.