Compatibility of Pesticides with Apogee or Kudos Peanut Notes No. 147 2019

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Apogee or Kudos can be applied to manage peanut vine growth. There are many products that potentially could be applied with Apogee or Kudos to manage diseases, insects, and weeds or to address micronutrient deficiencies. Apogee or Kudos needs to be applied with nitrogen solution or ammonium sulfate, and in some instances effectiveness is optimized when crop oil concentrate is included with nitrogen (nitrogen is the most important adjuvant.)  We have conducted research to determine compatibility of these plant growth regulators with pesticides and micronutrients in the past, but products that have been registered for use in peanut more recently have not been evaluated in a systematic manner. We suspect that new fungicides will not adversely affect performance of Apogee or Kudos. However, we have not looked at disease, weed or insect control when newer pesticides are applied with these plant growth regulators along with the adjuvants that optimize their effectiveness. Performance of products used to control stem rot or Sclerotinia blight could be affected by crop oil concentrate or nitrogen by minimizing movement to the base of the plant where these pathogens initiate infection. We don’t have evidence either way in terms of impacts on disease control.