Fungicide Question Peanut Notes No. 144 2019

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Question about Fungicides:

My father was wondering is it too soon to use Miravis with a tebuconazole or would it be better to use Fontelis or Priaxor. His peanuts were planted May 3-May 6 and they were sprayed last week with Provost Silver. Just wondering what you would suggest. Thank you.

Jordan Answer:

[For a more detailed discussion contact Barbara Shew (NC State University), Hillary Mehl (Virginia Tech) or Dan Anco (Clemson.)  These individuals are excellent plant pathologists. But here goes my comments relative to this question.]

This is a good time. The manufacturer supports 4 weeks of control. Suggest including Convoy or Elatus as they can provide stem rot control for 4 weeks. You would then follow up with maybe 2 more sprays [not Miravis.]  We don’t want growers to use Miravis as a last spray. We need to protect it from resistance. Of course other options work well but the 4 weeks are attractive. Miravis has no stem rot or Sclerotinia blight activity.