Grass Control With Cadre / Impose and Clethodim-Containing Products Peanut Notes No. 119 2019

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Cadre/Impose and clethodim-containing products control annual grasses. Cadre/Impose will not control bermudagrass (wiregrass) but clethodim products do control this weed. Clethodim is the best product for grass control but Cadre/Impose can be completely effective depending on weed size and conditions before and after application. Cadre/Impose is weaker on goosegrass than it is on crabgrass, Texas panicum and broadleaf signalgrass. Even though these products are active against grasses, control by clethodim products often decreases when mixed with Cadre/Impose. If grass escapes are dominant and weeds are large, apply clethodim-containing products first and follow up with Cadre/Impose for broadleaf weed control and nutsedge control. If grasses are relatively small when broadleaf weeds need to be treated, apply Cadre/Impose and hold off on clethodim-containing products until you know if grasses are controlled. You can always follow up with clethodim-containing products if Cadre/Impose is not completely effective on grass weeds. For both groups of herbicides, the larger the weed and the greater the moisture stress the less effective control will be.