Sequential Sprays Peanut Notes No. 125 2019

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When logistically possible sequential sprays often result in performance that is more effective. When controlling grass weeds, apply herbicides like clethodim-containing products or Poast/Poast Plus about 3 days before you apply broadleaf herbicides like Cobra, Storm, or Ultra Blazer. This allows the systemic grass herbicides to be adequately absorbed and translocated to the site of action before the grass tissue is burned by the contact broadleaf herbicides. If the broadleaf herbicides are applied first, the grass herbicides will work best of you wait almost a week later to apply the grass herbicides. When mixing these products, broadleaf weed control is seldom affected by the grass herbicide. Increasing the grass herbicide by at least 50% will often overcome the problems caused by the broadleaf herbicide. Basagran can also reduce grass control by grass herbicides (clethpodim, Poast) but this is caused by a chemical reaction in the spray tank itself. Applying the grass herbicide first and then Basagran or increasing the grass herbicide rate often overcomes the issue.