Tank Mixture Comments Peanut Notes No. 122 2019

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A common mixture during this time of the season is 2,4-DB and fungicides. While at times we have seen slight reductions in weed control with 2,4-DB when mixed with fungicides, the reduction was no more than 10%. Also, fungicide efficacy and crop injury when 2,4-DB is mixed with the fungicides we use commonly in peanuts were not affected. Of course, we have not looked at all possible combinations but we have looked at many of them. In contrast, grass control is often lower when clethodim products are applied with chlorothalonil, Abound, or Headline. See pages 163-170 in 2019 Peanut Information for more details. Based on research many years ago prohexadione calcium is compatible with almost all pesticides and foliar fertilizers. I don’t recall a product that reduced efficacy of either the pesticide or prohexadione calcium. Keep in mind, however, that Apogee or Kudos is most effective when applied with crop oil concentrate and nitrogen solution or ammonium sulfate, and adjuvant selection can affect performance of many pesticides. Nitrogen solution is essential to optimizing performance of prohexadione calcium.