Weed Control Peanut Notes No. 126 2019

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Finally getting some rain in areas in Duplin and Sampson counties. Farmer has made his Gramoxone/Basagran/Zidua application last week. It did a pretty good job cleaning up but some fields had sickle pod and pigweed that were too big for the Gramoxone to control. He used Zidua in hopes of not having to spray cadre. He does have a pretty good crop of grass coming so will be applying clethodim and crop oil shortly. Our question is what should we use to clean up the escape sickle pod and pigweed? DB + Cobra? DB + Cadre? DB by itself? And whichever you recommend at what rates, and can this be applied in the same tank with the clethodim and crop oil and make it in one trip?


What is more dominant, sicklepod or pigweed? The reality is that if you have enough of both of these you need to apply a mixture of Cadre plus Cobra plus 80/20 surfactant. The Cobra gets the ALS resistant pigweeds and the Cadre gets the sicklepod. I would go with 12 oz Cobra and 4 oz Cadre (normal use rates.)  If the grass is not too big, you could see what this treatment does before trying clethodim. Sometimes Cadre gets the grasses well enough. The Cadre will give residual on later emerging sicklepod.