Dialogue on Late-Season Mite Control Peanut Notes No. 180 2019

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Jordan Question:

Could you share thoughts on treating for mites if someone might dig Sept 10, 20, 30 or Oct 10, 20 or 30 or roughly there about? We have some late-planted peanuts and some that might be ready soon.

Brandenburg Answer:

A couple of thoughts. The later in Sept we get the less the threat because nighttime temps become limiting for spider mite feeding and development. I’d use something cheap like Brigade (bifenthrin) after as it will knock the population back yet isn’t expensive. I would never use it early as it can result in a mite resurgence if it were midsummer.

But to the core of the question, if I were digging in 3 weeks and I had mites then the bifenthrin is an option as it will knock them back short term without spending a lot of money. If you are more than 3 weeks away but still digging by mid-Sep and it stays hot and dry, the mites could rebuild and cause leaf shed late. Keep in mind that ALL miticides have a 14-day harvest restriction. So it’s a narrow window if you are 3 weeks out with a 14-day harvest restriction and a 3 week or more time for mite resurgence if it stays hot and dry.

Let’s look at a scenario to hopefully make my confusing rambling a little more clearly. It’s Sep 1 and you are not planning to harvest until Oct 10 and you have mites. You have only a few options for mites: Danitol, Comite, and Brigade. There is a broad range in cost as well. All three, if applied one time, can suffer from mite resurgence. To spray a second time a week later would be a waste of money in my opinion at this time of year. Given that information, I would go with the cheapest product which is Brigade.

Take home message:  All mite products have a 14-day harvest restriction. All mite products can allow the mites to resurge a few weeks later if it stays hot and dry, but Brigade may be the worse. Once we get to mid-Sep the cooler nights typically slow mite population growth dramatically. If it’s Sep 10 and I’m not harvesting for a month, it would take a special situation for me to spray. If it’s Sep 10 and you are digging in 10 days, you can’t spray a mite product anyway.