Hurricane-Related Comments Disease Barbara Shew Peanut Notes No. 187 2019

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From leaf spot advisory: 
Make sure peanuts are protected with a leaf spot fungicide as Dorian approaches. Shorten spray intervals to 10 days to optimize protection. Any fungicide applied during this period should be tank mixed with 16 to 24 oz chlorothalonil (Bravo).
From Sclerotinia advisory: 
Risk of Sclerotinia blight may increase rapidly with rain and cool temperatures from Dorian. Protection against Sclerotinia blight may be necessary in fields that will be dug after October 1. Usually there is no benefit from sprays applied to fields near maturity. PHI for Omega is 30 days.
Response to question about what to spray this week; disease is under good control to date:
I’d use Bravo if disease is under good control. I’m going to assume that fields may be inaccessible for about a week starting this Wednesday due to Dorian. With that assumption, September 11 should be no more than 14 days after your most recent fungicide application.