Guide to Appropriate Field Testing Peanut Notes No. 213 2019

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Email from Dr. Osmond:
A committee formed by extension administration was asked to develop a standard protocol for alternative product testing to be used by both agents and specialists. The fact sheet we developed was sent to all extension faculty in three departments for review. The fact sheet was recently published and we would like you to link the Extension Fact Sheet (see below) and the video discussing these types of trials on the Agent Resource page of your particular commodity.
Extension Factsheet attach_file

Alternative Product Demonstration and Research Guidelines for Extension Agents

This publication provides guidance to Extension agents on how to design and conduct trials and demonstrations on alternative products for plant and soil health and pest and disease control purposes. …

Thank you in advance and please let me know when you’ve done this. If you have any issues with this request, please contact me.
Deanna Osmond, Hannah Burrack, Lindsey Thiessen, Rob Richardson, Joe Neal, Katie Jennings, and Luke Gatiboni