In-Furrow Fungicides Peanut Notes No. 22 2020

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Has any of your research proven that an in-furrow fungicide at planting has benefits? Such as Bravo giving you any benefit to leafspot?

Jordan answer:

Certainly, seed treatments are delivering much. But, in-furrow sprays containing Proline or Velum Total are less consistent in performance or need. Proline helps with CBR but we do not see that disease as much as we used to. So, it is difficult to recommend it unless you have good field records. Velum Total has not added much in our work. We do not see consistent reductions in nematodes. In my opinion being timely with leaf spot sprays that have diverse chemistry is the key to success. Products like Abound and Headline or Folicur generally do not control leaf spot any longer. Bravo continues to be essential in our leaf spot control programs.

Shew answer:

I agree. In-furrow fungicide applications aren’t justified unless there is a history of problems. Effects are subtle even then. Using Bravo is an essential part of foliar disease control programs.