Anthem Flex Peanut Notes No. 34 2020

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Comments from Dr. Eric Prosko at the University of Georgia about the utility of Anthem Flex in peanut can be found at the link below. It has been several years since we have looked at this product in North Carolina. My thoughts align with Dr. Prosko’s thoughts. While there are some differences in spectrum of control and length of control among the residuals we apply at cracking or postemergence (with contact herbicides like paraquat, Storm, Cobra and Ultra Blazer,) these differences are minor and all of the materials can add value during this window of application (Anthem Flex, Dual Magnum and other metolachlor products, Outlook, and Zidua) and each one has a place in peanut weed management systems. Check on the price of these products when you make your decision. From a peanut injury standpoint, all of these products generally are safe to use. We do, however, often see more phytotoxicity with Anthem Flex than the other products because carfentrazone (the active ingredient in Aim) is present. DO NOT apply Anthem Flex or Zidua preemergence. These products must go out after peanuts have emerged.

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