Value of Paraquat Peanut Notes No. 33 2020

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I’ve had several growers asking me about what they may could use as replacement for Gramoxone at planting and early post in peanuts. Some seem to not want to go the route of fitting their tanks with the thing to be able to use the new jugs. Any ideas?

Jordan Answer:

There is no (easy and probably equally cost-effective) alternative. If you leave out Gramoxone (other paraquat formulations) you likely will spray 3 rather than 2 PPO herbicides POST, and that takes a toll on peanuts and creates more selection for evolved resistance. One alternative is to be even heavier with the PPI and PRE program. Prowl PPI, Valor SX PRE, and Dual material PRE and then Zidua after peanuts emerge if no weeds are up. Peanuts need to be weed free all year but especially first 4 weeks. Gramoxone helps us a lot, especially for resistance management. For burndown (prior to and immediately after planting), Liberty is the only alternative (because of glyphosate resistant weeds, in most fields, especially Palmer amaranth) and we are spraying a lot of that and it is expensive and not as broad spectrum as Gramoxone. I think doing what is needed for set up is valuable in the short and long run.