Acephate and Imidacloprid Combinations Peanut Notes No. 44 2020

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Some growers are interested in applying the combination of Admire Pro or generic imidacloprid with acephate in the seed furrow. Historically, acephate was the liquid in-furrow product used for thrips control versus either phorate or aldicarb. In 2019 imidacloprid performance was more variable than in previous years and was not as effective in suppressing thrips as AgLogic or Phorate in Rick’s work. For growers that have transitioned to in-furrow and do not want to use a granular product, adding acephate to Admire Pro or generic materials (or using just acephate) seems like a reasonable alternative. Here are a few comments on that approach:

  1. Research in North Carolina does not exist comparing thrips control and peanut injury when acephate is applied in the seed furrow with imidacloprid.
  2. While acephate and imidacloprid products are compatible with inoculants for nitrogen fixation, the mixture of all three products has not been researched in North Carolina.
  3. Historically, some of the top peanut growers in the state used acephate in the seed furrow and on occasion had lower plant stands or delayed emergence. We occasionally noted the delay in emergence in plot research but in most cases made a stand.
  4. Check labels to make sure this mixture is not precluded. When acephate was routinely used years ago the product was primarily Orthene. There are other products that are being used now.
  5. Use no more than ¾ lb product/acre in the seed furrow. A great deal of our research was conducted with 1.0 lb product/acre, but a lower rate would offer greater safety. Even if imidacloprid is performing less effectively, some control, often adequate control will be obtained with this product.
  6. Consider a timely POST spray of acephate rather than in-furrow application.
  7. For more information on research in North Carolina relative to acephate in the seed furrow, see:

Utilization of Imidacloprid to Control Thrips in Peanut in North Carolina

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