Anco Comments Early Season Questions SC Peanut Notes No. 48 2020

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I read your piece about Thimet but my twin row planter isn’t setup for granular. Should I plant single rows with Thimet instead? This is for 09B runners. There can be a time and a place for things, but here in general I would stick with the twin row planting. Twin row gives us a bump in yield and also helps itself lower TSW risk.

What do you think about pendimethalin (Prowl)? This is a great material, particularly for grasses. If we can put it out PPI it usually is more effective, but it can be used as a preemergence following the planter as well. In this pre case, it can be mixed with Valor, Dual/Outlook, and Strongarm to add additional activity. David Jordan has additional information on Prowl effectiveness, tank clean out and use PRE.

Less of a question, but more 09B being planted. Quick reminder this is one runner that is sensitive to over mature pods. Pod loss can increase rapidly if they are left in the field too long (includes due to weather). Can try to build in some harvest flexibility here if we space planting dates around some where possible.

Would you plant runners at the same depth as Virginia type varieties? Yes, this part is consistent between the two, shooting for planting into moisture ballpark 1.5″ deep. Going shallower can in cases help with poor vigor seed emergence but puts them at a greater risk for Valor injury.