CBR Management With Bailey II Peanut Notes No. 54 2020

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Consultant Question:

What are your thoughts on CBR control with Bailey II? Is there any benefit to applying Proline or Propulse in furrow in a good crop rotation? Grower is planning to use Velum Total.

Jordan Answer:

With a good rotation and Bailey and the fact that we see much less CBR than we used to, I don’t see any value of Proline. I’m copying Barbara too. I think we have made this recommendation to several growers over the past few years and never heard that CBR was an issue. Did the grower notice any CBR the last time peanuts were present?

Consultant Answer:

Did not see any CBR last time.

Shew Answer:

In a field with good rotation (3 or more years, no soybeans) and only low levels of CBR in previous peanut crops, it’s unlikely there would be sufficient CBR to offset the cost of Proline or Velum Total treatment. Both products will give some early season stem rot and leaf spot control, but not enough to justify the added cost.

As David says, we’ve seen little to no CBR for several years now. I’d be interested in knowing if you’ve seen anything different.

One problem, if you can call it that, is that I don’t think we have a very good handle on how much CBR resistance we can expect from newer cultivars. It’s been 5 years or more since there has been sufficient disease in the field to allow rigorous selection for resistance to CBR. Presumably Bailey II has CBR resistance since it’s been backcrossed to Bailey, but without good disease conditions we can’t be sure. It would be wise to continue with good CBR management practices and to keep a close eye on new cultivars as they come out.