Early Season Weed Control Residual Herbicides Peanut Notes No. 49 2020

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It is a concern among growers planting cotton and using Warrant can cause cotton not to come up or delayed germination if cotton stays in the ground for a period of time and does not emerge. Is this a concern with peanuts? A grower that has gotten Palmer under control but still wants to use something preemergence and does not want to use Valor. What would be a good choice? Dual or Warrant pre and dual or Zidua with Gramoxone at post application?

Jordan answer:

Those options are good. Prowl incorporated is a good start. Then Dual or Warrant or Outlook PRE. I think Valor PRE is still a good option but understand why folks want to leave it off. A timely early POST application of paraquat plus Basagran plus Dual or Warrant or Zidua or Outlook is a good treatment. Anthem Flex is also a good option (same ai, pyroxasulfone, as Zidua but the carfentrazone makes it hotter.)  Try to be timely with the POST spray. If I was leaving off the Valor, I would incorporate Prowl and then use a Dual material or Warrant (Outlook is good too but just not used much) PRE. Then the contact herbicides plus a residual. I don’t see a huge difference between the residuals POST. The key is to get multiple residual applications in the system early so a few of them catch a rain.

I don’t know of a similar concern with peanuts relative to Warrant. Peanuts are more resilient than cotton.

Strongarm is still a good PRE but ALS resistant Palmer amaranth and common ragweed limit its effectiveness in some fields. Carryover can be an issues as well. But in the right fields it is a good option.