Thrips Injury and Paraquat Peanut Notes No. 61 2020

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If peanuts have considerable thrips injury because systemic insecticide did not perform well, DO NOT apply paraquat until the peanuts recover. Peanuts can take some thrips injury and some paraquat injury, but if you have significant thrips injury and apply paraquat, you can get a yield loss of 5 to 8% based on some of our research. Apply the acephate first, then come back with paraquat a week or so later once the peanuts have recovered. Always add Basagran with paraquat. If you have just minor thrips injury, you can co-apply the acephate and paraquat and be okay. Use 1 pint of non-ionic surfactant per 100 gallons. While we do get a little more injury when we apply Dual Magnum, Outlook, Warrant, or Zidua with paraquat plus Basagran, it is generally only 10-20% more and transient. Anthem Flex is a good weed control option too, but the Aim in this herbicide makes the treatment a little more injurious.