Applying Nitrogen to Late-Planted Peanuts Peanut Notes No. 82 2020

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We planned to broadcast 100-125 lb of AMS over the top of some pale peanuts to green them up and help them close canopy faster. The grower has asked about putting UCAN17 with a knifing rig on either side of the row instead of AMS over the top. What do you think?

Jordan Answer:

We have not done that type of application. Not sure where the roots are and how quickly the plants will get to the N that is knifed in. The broadcast AMS gets it over the peanut row and to the roots maybe a bit quicker. All speculation. I don’t think N will get the peanuts much further along development and maturity wise. The key will be heat units in October rather than N now. I posted comments on N on the portal last week. I received a question about peanut response to N. Not in a situation relative to late plantings but just general improvement growth and yield response.