Gypsum Applications Peanut Notes No. 74 2020

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Gypsum needs to be applied to all Virginia market types at rates recommended in 2020 Peanut Information. Runner market types also need gypsum but a rate that is half the rate recommended for Virginia market types. Peanuts are growing slowly this spring and growers are encouraged to delay applications of gypsum until peanuts get some size on them. This generally occurs in late June and into July. While logistically it seems like a good practice to get gypsum out in early to mid-June, my concern is that putting it out when peanuts are small results in some risk of gypsum loss if we receive intense rainfall. When peanuts have a decent amount of size, washing of gypsum from the top of the row is minimized because the plants reduce the intensity of rain hitting the soil surface.

But I do understand why people apply gypsum sooner than I would recommend.