Herbicide Applications Peanut Notes No. 73 2020

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There are still peanuts being planted this week. As people rush to plant sometimes the planting operation can get ahead of spraying herbicides. DO NOT apply Valor SX after 2 days following planting. This time of year peanuts can emerge by 5 days after planting. If spraying is delayed you can still apply residual herbicides like Dual Magnum, Outlook or Warrant. Strongarm can also be applied. After peanuts have emerged you can apply Zidua or Anthem Flex alone or with paraquat plus Basagran. Dual Magnum, Outlook or Warrant can also be applied with paraquat and Basagran. The contact herbicides are needed if any weeds have emerged. Applying the contact and residual herbicides within 3 weeks after planting is the best approach.