Weed Control Question Peanut Notes No. 71 2020

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We are getting ready to spray thrips in peanuts and wanted to clean some weeds up when we go. Mainly sickle pod and morninglory. Was thinking Butyrac. Most peanuts are about the width of my hand and I am thinking they are to big for the gramoxone mix. Want to save the cadre for later. What would be your recommendation? Only other weed is mainly alligator weed.

Jordan Answer:

28 days after emergence is label on paraquat. You could try DB but probably only suppression. If pitted mg DB is weak. If small weeds I think paraquat plus Basagran is best option if peanuts are young enough. Storm plus DB is a good option too. Not sure what to say on alligatorweed. Cadre later may help.