Disease Control and Hurricane Isaias Dr Shew Peanut Notes No. 166 2020

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Disease control and Hurricane Isaias

Leaf spot

Question: A grower has a spray due in the middle of next week. The grower could wait to spray on schedule, but the spray could end up being late due to the hurricane. The grower is willing to apply Bravo this weekend and then go back and apply his planned spray later. Is this a good plan?

Answer: Yes. This is a relatively inexpensive way to be sure that the crop is protected until the grower can get in the field again. More generally, it would be a good idea for growers to spray ahead of the storm if the last spray was applied 10 or more days ago.

Sclerotinia blight

The risk of Sclerotinia blight is still low in most locations, but this could change rapidly if we have a prolonged period of rainy weather. Conditions that favor Sclerotinia blight include one‐half inch of rain or more in the last 5‐10 days or prolonged periods of high relative humidity, cooler temperatures, and a closed canopy. Watch the advisories and weather forecast closely, scout carefully, and be ready to spray.