Fungicide and AMS Burn in Hot Days Peanut Notes No. 130 2020

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What are your thoughts on spraying fungicides in the hot part of the day? Spreading ammonia sulfate in heat of day applying 125 to 150 lbs.

Jordan Answer:

The key on AMS is for the leaves to dry so that it does not stick and moves to the soil. That is late morning and afternoon. I don’t think there is an issue spraying mid-day for fungicides.

Shew Answer:

I’ve applied fungicides on hot afternoons many times and it seems to be OK. On the other hand, I have come back to spray on another day if the plants were actually wilting. Older formulations of Provost might be suspect.

Jordan Answer:

I sprayed a series of fungicide treatments at Whiteville in the heat of the day yesterday, and there was no type of leaf burn today (the folks on the station took a look a few hours ago.)  It was really hot and humid. I applied Provost Silver and Abound alone and with sulfur (Microthiol.)  I also had Miravis plus either Convoy or Elatus and Apogee plus UAN and they did not see any leaf burn.