Fungicide Starting Point Question Peanut Notes No. 109 2020

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Due to the weird weather the farmer started planting in mid-May and was still planting in June. Many fields are pie pan sized plants. When do we start spraying for Leafspot? Do I spray all fields regardless of age? We have half Virginias and half runners. We have a history of white mold. What chemicals would you recommend and when? Will this county have a Leafspot advisory this year?

Jordan answer:

I would begin sprays on the older peanuts next week. The younger ones no later than July 15. Chlorothalonil plus Alto is very good. If Alto is not available chlorothalonil is the best starting point. The second spray needs stem rot (white mold) activity. If he is having trouble getting across fields in a timely manner the first spray might need something for stem rot. There are many options. Make sure the product has activity on leaf spot. So, if you went with generic tebuconazole you need to add chlorothalonil. We assume leaf spot resistance to tebuconazole and to products like Headline and Abound.

The advisories are set to begin this week.