Managing Insects Peanut Notes No. 127 2020

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While there may be some feeding by insects on foliage, populations need to approach 8 worms (corn earworm, tobacco budworm, fall armyworm) per foot of row to reach the economic threshold. Use caution when controlling these insects with pyrethroids or combinations of other insecticides with pyrethroids, especially if you are in an area that is dry. While we have experienced considerable rain during May and June, the old rule of thumb is that we are no more than 10 days away from drought no matter how wet it is in North Carolina.  Not sure who coined this phrase or how accurate it is, but the point is we can go from wet to dry relatively soon and pests adjust. We do want to be careful and not flare spider mites, and pyrethroids are good at doing this. Dr. Brandenburg is keeping his eye on populations across the state and will provide updates on what is transpiring and how to manage the different complexes of arthropods you may have.