Weed Control Question Peanut Notes No. 145 2020

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We have a grower who is about to spray a field with Select + Butyrac for broadleaf and grass control. He has a few spots with heavy yellow nutsedge pressure (50-60/100 feet) which probably would warrant a treatment. The Basagran label has the treatment interval as through pegging, which seems a little vague. I’m assuming the definition of through pegging is prior to pod formation, or if this label is intentionally vague (as the Storm label is listed as a 75 day PHI). Do you think there will be noticeable antagonism by adding a third herbicide to this mix, or think that 32 Oz. Basagran alone would be a better fit? These are Runners that just started R3, planted in Late May so it seems unlikely that we’d be harvesting by the 75 day interval on the Storm label, by the way. Also in the Chem Manual there seems to be a discrepancy between the Postemergence Broadleaf Basagran Rec [4 Pts. Bentazon per Acre] vs Postemergence Yellow nutsedge Basagran Rec [2 Pts. Basagran per Acre]. Not sure if this is intentional but wanted to bring it to your attention. The label states 4 Pints Basagran [2 Lbs. Bentazon] as the max.

Jordan Answer:

What are all the weeds in the field?


Palmer, crabgrass, and sicklepod. All except a few pigweed are 2-5″ in height. A hair below threshold most likely but it’s a 13 acre field on a 60 acre farm that is far enough away from his operation he’s going to use a broad brush. Vines are generally 10-12″ from touching.

Jordan Answer:

You could spray twice with a quart of Basagran but that will not help this field much. Perhaps the spots of yellow nutsedge.

I would spray Cadre plus Ultra Blazer (1.5 pints) and that would control what you have. Certainly would be limited on next year’s crop. Corn or soybeans would be okay. This is the broad brush and will get the nutsedge, either yellow or purple, and the sicklepod. You need the Ultra Blazer for the ALS resistant portion of the Palmer amaranth that is in that field. There is a good chance the Cadre will control the crabgrass well enough. You could replace Ultra Blazer with Cobra (12 oz.)

If you don’t use Cadre plus Ultra Blazer, use Ultra Blazer (1.5 pints) plus Clethodim (1 pint) plus crop oil (1 gallon per 100 gal or 1%.)  If you add Basagran to this grass control will go down considerably. The Ultra Blazer reduces control too. Then spot spray the nutsedge patches. If yellow, use Cadre or Basagran. If purple, use Cadre.

There is not enough Ultra Blazer in Storm to kill these Palmer amaranth.