Addressing Late-Season Weed Emergence – Sicklpod Peanut Notes No. 200 2020

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I had a grower ask me about late sicklepod escapes and the effects it would have on the crop…this late in the season my inclination would be to think that most of the yield damage has already been done, but I am unsure as to the effects it will have on digging and harvest efficiency.

The question is, should the grower expend the effort to rogue the sicklepod to improve harvesting efficiency or will the effect be negligible…just an example would be roughly 20-30 12” tall plants in 100/ft of row?

Jordan Answer:

The grower might be able to drive across the field within a few weeks of digging and mow these weeds just above the peanuts and accomplish the same thing. If they are pulled up now that will cause some damage to the peanuts. But that population listed is very high. 2,4-DB could be applied for suppression but the PHI is 45 days (that is not digging but running the combine.) The biggest value of pulling them up might be for next year’s crop, but Roundup still works really well on sicklepod.

So, if he is only 2 weeks or so from digging I would mow them off. If I am 30 days from digging I would spray 1 pint of 2,4-DB. If the labor is in place and you have spots that are already producing seed, cutting them with a machete or pulling them up would be effective, but I think mowing will get you to about the same place as hand removal, but only if you are getting close to digging now.

If you mow, don’t be sloppy unless you have a guidance system. A sloppy job of mowing can make it hard to track rows when digging.