Maturity Question Peanut Notes No. 227 2020

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Question on October 2:

If you had a hundred acres that looked like your seed field picture from September 29 would you dig them? One four row digger and one four row picker. I know we can only speculate on the weather but I’m just wondering your opinion on how much to gain by letting what looks like a good window for digging and picking pass by. And I know we would need a crystal ball to know what would be the right or wrong answer, just want to kind of know your gut feeling.

Jordan Answer:

There were very few brown and black pods a few days ago. I would let them go until the middle of the week and then see what the forecast is. I know it will be cool next week, in the mid-40s but I would want to see what the expectations are for the following week with respect to temps and rain. We might have a better handle on that Monday or Tuesday. I do think after the cool spell next week we may see very slow progression. But it could moderate and be dry, and then we could let them mature a bit more. That will be my recommendation for that field at Lewiston.

See Peanut Notes No. 221 2020 for more detail.

Maturity Seed Field September 29