Potential Frost October 18 and Following Peanut Notes No. 234 2020

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The following is a prediction for frost (correspondence on October 11) for the northeastern part of North Carolina for October 18 and following. Keep track of the potential frost and adjust digging accordingly. If frost is a possibility, do not dig within 72 hours of the frost prediction. Freeze damage is catastrophic.

For example, if frost is predicted for early Sunday morning on October 18, do not dig peanuts after Wednesday afternoon on October 14. That leaves Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for peanuts to dry in the field. There is a chance of frost through the week of October 19 in the northern part of the state based on estimates right now. But this could change over the coming week. We are in for a challenge getting the crop out this year. Keep in mind that there is even greater risk because the crop, in some instances, is less mature than in previous years. It will take longer for the peanut pods and kernels to dry because of the higher moisture content for immature kernels. If your crop is still a week or more away from optimum maturity and you decide to dig, my suggestion is that you increase the period from 72 hours to 96 hours. The 72 hours is the minimum needed under good drying conditions for a mature crop.

“My latest advisory is one or two degrees from possible light frost in parts of Virginia and near Lewiston, NC next Sunday, October 18. I am more concerned about possible thicker frost, as early as, Tuesday, October 20. The latest ECMWF model run seems to suggest maybe a day or two later. I would say likely light frost sometime between Sunday, October 18 through Friday, October 23 in parts of Virginia and near Lewiston, NC. Linda Byrd-Masters”

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