Tobacco in Peanut Rotations Peanut Notes No. 15 2021

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Generally, tobacco is a less effective rotation crop with peanuts than corn or cotton. Soybean is a poor rotation crop and continuous peanut is the least effective. Sweetpotato is a good rotation crop with peanuts as is grain sorghum. The caveat with tobacco is that if you fumigate tobacco you are eliminating some of the nematodes and possibly pathogens that negatively impact peanut (northern root knot nematode and CBR.) Pod rot can be an issue following tobacco and that can be increased if excessive rates of potassium are used in tobacco and exist when peanuts are grown. But, tobacco is a high-value crop and it is completely understandable why it might have to be close to peanuts in the rotation. The challenge with tobacco after peanuts is the contribution of nitrogen from peanuts that might affect the ability to develop a clear nitrogen fertility program in tobacco. Predictable maturation of tobacco is important for ripening and harvest.