Plant Populations Peanut Notes No. 21 2021

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Our recommended plant population for peanuts is 4-5 plants per foot. At 80% germination, the seeding rate needs to be 5-6 seed per foot. Drs. Oakes and Balota and I have conducted research in both North Carolina and Virginia showing a possible financial advantage of planting slightly lower seeding rates. While I believe in our data, we often establish our trials in very uniform areas of fields and this lends itself to consistent stands (even at lower rates.) There can be great variation in soil texture and physical properties across fields. Higher seeding rates often ensure that stands will be adequate in sections of fields that are less than ideal for getting good stands.

While seed supplies might be tight in 2021, the optimum plant population continues to be no less than 4 plants per foot of row.

See Oakes et al. (2020) for more information on the research mentioned above (Peanut Science, Volume 47, Issue 3)