Velum Versus Velum Total Peanut Notes No. 20 2021

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Velum (fluopyram) rather than Velum Total (fluopyram plus imidacloprid) will be available in 2021. My understanding is that existing stocks of Velum Total can be used but this product is being discontinued. Note that the use rate is lower for Velum than Velum Total. Also note that insecticide for thrips control will need to be added with Velum (imidacloprid products in the tank with Velum or Phorate or AgLogic applied as a granular in the seed furrow at planting.)

Additional information on efficacy for resistance management can be seen in this information from UGA. To date there are no confirmed cases of Aspergillus niger (Aspergillus Crown Rot) resistance in North Carolina but there are issues in the southeastern US.

Velum 2ee Aspergillis Peanut
Velum Aspergillis Peanuts