Peanut Response to In-Furrow Products Peanut Notes No. 25 2021

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What yield benefits in pounds per acre do you place on each of the in-furrow products listed below?

  • Inoculant
  • Velum
  • Imidicloprid
  • Proline
  • Nutritional products

Jordan Answers:

Inoculant.  200 pounds in rotated ground and 1500 pounds in new ground

Velum.  I have not had success suppressing nematodes and protecting yield from nematodes with Velum Total. It was a really hot and dry spring when we looked close at this (2019) at multiple locations so I am not sure if it was product performance or weather or “dormancy” of nematodes under those conditions. We have a large trial this coming year to take another look at Velum for nematode control.

Imidacloprid or Phorate or AgLogic.

300 pounds (sometimes more, up to 500 pounds with high infestations of thrips that are prolonged)


We have very few issues with CBR because of our good rotations and variety resistance. You would have to have a significant amount of CBR for this product to be helpful.

Nutritional products.

I have never been able to show a positive response to these in peanuts.