Sulfur Product for Leaf Spot Control Peanut Notes No. 34 2021

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See the link below for information on the use of sulfur in peanuts for leaf spot management. We have looked at this product for a couple of years either alone or in mixture with products like Abound or Tebuconazole. The product applied alone on a bi-weekly schedule performed well but not as good as traditional fungicides when there is no resistance (in most cases.)  This product does not have activity against stem rot or Sclerotinia blight, and when applied alone on a 14-day schedule, it is generally not as effective as it would be if applied on a tighter schedule (10 days apart.)  It does have a place for leaf spot resistance management. Of course, chlorothalonil is a good resistance management tool as well. The target for sulfur and chlorothalonil is leaf spot control and not stem rot.