Velum Total and Velum Rick Brandenburg Peanut Notes No. 32 2021

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As we get closer to planting, I wanted to remind everyone of the label change for Velum Total. That product contained the insecticide imidacloprid and provided good thrips control when used at plant. The new product is Velum and it does not contain any insecticide so you will NOT get any thrips control from this product. If you are using Velum this year then you will need to look at other options for thrips control and the use of an imidacloprid active ingredient product such as Admire Pro would be fine. There are also the granular alternatives in peanut that include Thimet 20G (phorate) and AgLogic 15G or 15GG (aldicarb). Please refer to label rates for all products.

Remember, if you are planting twin rows the label rate is per acre and each planting streak will need to be at the half rate on each bed so as not to exceed the allowed amount per acre. While we always recommend an application of acephate at three weeks after planting and consistently find a yield advantage for that option, it may be even more critical in twin row production.

Rick Brandenburg, Entomology Extension Specialist