Benghal Dayflower Peanut Notes No. 78 2021

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Although we do not have this weed present on a wide-spread basis, we have had it in some areas under quarantine. Keep your eyes open for this type of dayflower. You might notice it in Roundup Ready crops first (glyphosate is ineffective on this weed.)  The attached information is from Dr. Marshall at Clemson and includes excellent information on this weed.

Mike Marshall, Clemson University

With the very warm temperatures across the state, Benghal dayflower or tropical spiderwort will start to emerge in areas where we have infestations. I have put together a publication with herbicide recommendations for Benghal dayflower control across all field crops in South Carolina. Please contact me if there are any questions.

Herbicide Options for Benghal Dayflower Control in Field Crops

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