Dry Soil and Planting Peanut Notes No. 63 2021

— Written By NC State Extension

Some areas of North Carolina have become so dry that soil moisture is not adequate to get a stand of peanuts without meaningful rain. Peanuts can emerge from 3.5 inches but moisture is limited in many fields even at that depth. The cloddy nature of some areas of fields creates even greater problems for getting stands. With that said, I recommend not planting peanuts if you do not have adequate moisture to get a stand. We still have about two weeks in May to get peanuts planted and we have had some success with early June planting (2020 was an exception to the past 5 or so years.)  I will provide more details on yield response to planting into June in a week or so. Hopefully we will catch a rain soon so we can get peanuts planted within the window to optimize yield. In addition to concern about peanut seed sitting in hot and dry soil for an extended period of time, liquid inoculants will in many cases deteriorate under these conditions. Also, insecticide applied in the seed furrow may not persist long enough to be absorbed by seedlings to protect peanuts from thrips once rains occur.