Dry Spring and Arthropods Peanut Notes No. 65 2021

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Dry Spring Could Set Stage for Insect and Mite Issues in Peanuts

Rick Brandenburg, Extension Entomology Specialist

A post earlier this week discussed the concern over the dry soil conditions. One item mentioned in that article was the possibility of the in furrow insecticide treatments not working as well under dry conditions. This year is a good year to make sure you look at the option of a 3-week post plant insecticide application for thrips control. We have a lot of data on the value of acephate and most years this application provides a good yield response. I think this could be one of those years where a foliar insecticide spray for thrips pays big dividends.

Decades of experience also tells me that when it is dry in April and May the risk of spider mites in July and August is increased. The dry weather in the spring appears to give spider mites a bit of a head start on causing problems in peanuts later in the year. Ultimately, hot and dry weather in mid-summer is the biggest factor, but the worse years are always associated with a dry spring.