Early Season Applications of 2,4-DB in Peanuts Peanut Notes No. 81 2021

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2,4-DB is a very effective herbicide. It controls cocklebur and some of the morningglories by itself but is generally considered a component of mixtures with other herbicides. My recommendation is to avoid applying 2,4-DB early in the season during the window when we can apply paraquat. For example, 2,4-DB can provide relatively good control of sicklepod but paraquat is the better option early in the season. 2,4-DB is a good component of mixtures with Basagran, Cadre, Cobra, Storm, and Ultra Blazer. It is also a good tank mix partner with fungicides to twist and suppress Palmer amaranth that escapes herbicides in July and August. But avoid applying 2,4-DB to small peanuts.