Herbicide Question Peanut Notes No. 47 2021

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I have a grower growing peanuts for the first time this year. He has Palmer issues and we were told to use 2-2.5 oz of Valor plus 1 pt of Dual. Would you agree with this recommendation?


Yes, that is a good start. I would use the full rate of Dual Magnum for the soil type. If the Palmer amaranth is major, I would also incorporate Prowl before planting. That gives some control if the Valor and Dual Magnum do not get activated if it turns dry. Then I would be ready to apply paraquat plus Basagran plus a residual herbicide (Dual/Dual Magnum, Zidua, Outlook, Anthem Flex or Warrant) within 3 weeks after emergence.)  It is important to get overlapping residuals in the program early in the season.