Nutsedge Control Question Peanut Notes No. 46 2021

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I have a grower that bedded up his land early and is now re-bedding the land to plant peanuts. He used Prowl ahead of bedding. The nutsedge emerged in the beds between bedding and re-bedding the land. He is planning to start planting today. He will use Dual preemergence. Is there anything he could use to control any nutsedge that may escape the bedder? Thanks.


I would apply a full rate of glyphosate. That may not be complete but it will help a great deal on the nutsedge that it comes in contact with.

Follow up:

Safe to do after planting as long as it is done before germination (peanut emergence) correct?


Yes, I would be early with the spray. If any doubt that peanuts are coming up, do not spray. Shift to cracking rate of paraquat and Basagran.