Peanut Stands Peanut Notes No. 66 2021

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Peanut Stands

We may run into issues with stands this spring for a number of reasons. Unseasonably cool temperatures and limited soil moisture will be contributing factors. The question of extended dormancy has come up as a possibility. All three of these could contribute to less than ideal stands or delays in making a stand. In the lower southeast there have been issues with pathogen resistance to seed treatments, although we have not observed that in North Carolina. The high oleic trait is a positive for the industry but there can be issues in terms of seedling growth under cool conditions compared with the peanut varieties with a traditional fatty acid profile. Over the next few weeks some of these issues will be a part of the discussion as growers examine peanut stands. Seed is relatively tight, so we are likely going to need to live with the stands we have (but this is a case by case decision.)

When we get rains there is likely a chance we will get some splash up injury from Valor SX. This is almost always transient and does not affect yield. For those using phorate/Thimet to control thrips, if conditions occur that result in a high amount of product being absorbed at one time, there could be more injury than normal. But like Valor SX, this is generally not a major issue.

I’ll post images of issues we see in the field in future Peanut Notes.